Copper scrap for sale – Save tons of money with no quality trade-offs

The demand for copper has always been and still is buoyant. Very few metals can provide the same level of conductivity, malleability, and ductility as this reddish wonder does. Thus, it comes as no surprise that copper is so pricey. But this only refers to newly mined ores that contain the metal in its unadulterated form. Most applications, however, do not call for top-grade material. And this is when you can team up with copper scrap suppliers, like SativaKtcLLC, for a more cost-effective metal source.

Focused on B2B relationships, we’re glad to provide uncoated, unalloyed scrap copper for product manufacturers, foundries, and brass mills worldwide. Choose the material type you need and rest assured that it is as a good conductor as a newly mined one. Primary copper properties are preserved in our scrap so that you get all the qualities the metal is notable for.

Various types of scrap at wholesale prices

Thanks to its exceptional properties, copper is an unmatched option for everything from electronic products to radiators and plumbing fittings. And our scrap can be easily refashioned to manufacture any of those. For easier melting and processing, it’s available as:

  • wire
  • millberry
  • ingots
  • cathodes

Unlike other scrap copper dealers, we guarantee the 99.99% purity level in any type of raw material you choose. Melt, pour, and cast it while knowing your end product will incorporate all the benefits of this metal without causing harm to the environment.

By definition, scrap is way cheaper than primary copper. But SativaKtcLLC takes it a few steps further. When you buy scrap metal from us, you can expect wholesale prices and irresistible discounts for your sought-after raw material. Get high-purity copper in bulk and select any packing method you want – no shipping fees charged.

Consider the purchase of scrap metal beyond copper

Are you involved in the construction industry and looking for a range of scrap metals? Say no more as SativaKtcLLC is here to supply. As a major scrap vendor, we extend our copper selection to meet all our customers’ needs. Our catalog now also comprises:

  • lead and zinc ingots
  • aluminum wire and sheets
  • lead-acid battery scrap
  • A/C compressor scrap
  • and more

These are perfect for smelting projects to combine the properties of several metals in whatever you’re producing. Plus, alloyed materials can be used for an abundance of applications and easily recycled.

Whether you’re interested in lead, aluminum, zinc, or copper scrap for sale, please drop us a line for pricing and shipping details. We’re up for custom packaging for most orders. You can also request physical and chemical specifications to make sure our scrap is suitable for your project.

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